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Centum Liberal Democrats 100 Club Manager

Win Money!   Help the Party!

Demonstration System

=== Demonstration only at present - no actual money will be taken, nor actual prizes paid out ===

Join our club!

We won in Chesham & Amersham AND we won in North Shropshire - and then we won in Tiverton and Honiton and in Somerton and Frome!
Now you can win too!

 Feel free to try out these clubs. For demonstration purposes only; no money will be taken or paid out

 Click here to join the Central Nowhere Liberal Democrats 100 Club

 Click here to join the HQ 100 Club

 Click here to join the ALDC 100 Club

Membership of each club is open to Liberal Democrat members and others who support the aims of the Party. See our club rules.

Part of your subscription is paid out as CASH PRIZES. After any expenses (small), the rest goes to fund your Local Party.

NOTE: This is a test page for demonstration purposes only. The clubs mentioned DO NOT EXIST. Yet....

TEST USE ONLY     Centum 1     Centum 2     Centum 3

Want to know more?

Centum is a project of Liberal Software, a group of Liberal Democrat volunteer coders, designers and managers, using our skills to help to party .

Further reading:
Centum leaflet (longer version of the Conference handout), Fundraising with Centum (PDF).

For more details, see How to design your 100 Club using Centum

Could you help?

Skills we need include Salesforce programming including setting up unlocked packages, reports, JavaScript, testing, marketing, and for the next version, web user interface design using React. Many of our other projects use Python.

If you would like to know when Centum will be live, or are able to help the project, please contact us by email at, or give your details here.

Learn more about Liberal Software here, or meet us on Facebook.

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