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Who we are

HLPS is a Liberal Democrat Printing Society, independent of but supporting the Liberal Democrats.  It was founded to provide more economical and speedy printing than was available from other suppliers.

HLPS is non-profit making.  Our charges are calculated to cover the costs of materials (paper, ink, maintenance, electricity, ...), plus a machine fund covering depreciation and building a fund to replace equipment when necessary in future.  We pay no wages or dividends.

Membership of the Society is open to Liberal Democrat members who support the aims of the Society - see our Constitution.  There is no subscription, but applicants must be members of the Liberal Democrats.  There is an Annual General Meeting to which members will be invited, and which elects the Officers.

The current officers of the Society are:

Chair Chris Millington   (Harlow)
Secretary Lorna Dupré (East Cambridgeshire)
Financial Manager David Wright (East Cambridgeshire)
Operations Manager   David Wright (East Cambridgeshire)

That means that David Wright sends out the invoices and does most of the printing. Help with printing - and especially with folding - is always welcome.

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